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27 December 2009 @ 12:14 am
Some of the streets here have steps. Some have steps as part of the sidewalk; others actually turn into a flight of stairs pretty much right in the middle. Beware map users -- you may need a native guide.
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17 July 2009 @ 10:16 pm
OK, so the Vernon Manor has (sadly!) gone under. Removed that link and replaced it with Grippo's (which see).

Also, it seems as though nobody wants to move here -- too snowy, too humid in summer (well, it is), too fabulous! But once again, if we were not ourselves we'd seriously consider living in the San Marco apartments. They are soooo pretty! I can never stop looking at them. If I'm ever in a wreck at de Sales Corner, it's because I was staring! Why, just today I could not take my eyes off the stone carvings, and yes I was in the driver's seat.

Finally, did not want to become one of the 90%+ blogs that have not been updated in over 4 months (thank you, Harper's, for spurring me on)!

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29 March 2009 @ 10:01 pm
I love our home and wouldn't move out for the world. But there are so many nice places I dream about living, maybe in my next life! 'Til then, I hope people moving here enjoy these wonderful buildings. If you're from either coast (cough, hint, ahem!) you will be amazed by the low cost.

* Parkside condos: I love how these back up to Burnet Woods, are walkable to all over, right on a bus line, and have nice big porches. My son thought they were called the "Darkside" due to the fancy font on the banner. I used to deliver papers here back in the day and fell in love with the orange carpeting (hopefully no longer decorating the halls) and skylight. My friend's big sister lived here and I remember long hallways connecting the rooms, lots of space. Drawback: not much parking.

* Marburg Hotel: Not a hotel any more, but there is still a painted sign on the side wall. One review says management is shoddy but loved living there anyway. Again, close to everything, good grief you could eat Skyline at every meal, Graeter's for every dessert, and go to a movie every night if you wanted, w/o ever leaving a few blocks!

* My friends' house! It is beautiful! They are only the 3rd owners ever. We will miss them so much but you should see this house!

* Do you have a squillion dollars? If so, I've always loved this castle. My best friend used to live right next to it.
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16 January 2009 @ 11:22 am
Lots to do! Don't get holed up in the house (though that can be nice, too):

* African Culture Fest: Food, music, dancing, culture! Museum Center/Union Terminal. Sat-Sun-Mon, noon-5.

* Grease on Ice: What better way to welcome Taylor "Teen Angel" Hicks and Co. to the Aronoff than with skating on the Square to the sights and sounds of "Grease!?" Saturday 7-10 p.m.

* Jazz Explosion: CCM students perform. Sunday 3-5.

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13 January 2009 @ 03:14 pm
Check out Nikki Giovanni's Presidential Rap.

("Clean the churn?")
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07 January 2009 @ 01:57 pm
What a surprise to find out I grew up (and again now live) just a few blocks from the oldest planetarium west of the Alleghenies!

I remember the planetarium at the old Natural History Museum on Columbia Parkway, I remember the Trailside Museum in Burnet Woods, but I do not recall a planetarium in the Trailside.

The old Trailside was pretty scant -- a few taxidermied animals (whose living relatives could be found in the area), and these creepy boxes. You put your hand through a hole in the box and you'd feel something prickly. I always thought something would bite me, though I knew nothing alive was in there.

They renovated the Trailside Museum and it is beautiful! Still have the creepy boxes, but now they also have a small aquarium, birdwatching area, photographs, and more. The garden outside (complete with rain barrel) is wonderful in spring and summer.

And there's a the Wolff Planetarium, which has always been there but was uncovered (for me anyway) only recently.

If you're homesick, check out Queen City Survey's post about Burnet Woods. There's even a video of the slide.

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17 December 2008 @ 02:43 pm
"Shop local" is all the rage. We've been doing it for years, at least in this town.

Some favorites, old and new:

* Park + Vine -- something for everyone! Truly! Kids, adults, outdoorsy folks, stocking stuffers, bath goodies, you name it!

* Suder's -- everything a budding or full-bloom artist could possibly have on their list! (Note that Suder's & Park + Vine are a mere 2 blocks from one another!)

* Hansa -- Ludlow shops have gone downhill. Tawana's is gone, replaced by a store for 20somethings (which I would have loved a decade or 2 ago, but not so much now). Michael's, the potteries, and other places have likewise bitten the proverbial dust. But Hansa rocks on! Perfect for winter gifts! So many great knits, none of which I could ever hope to make myself! Fabulous boots, slippers, etc.! They don't have a very good website (or maybe they don't have one at all) but I tried to link to something.

See also The Magical World of White Trash Intellectualism and Some Other Random Wacky Crap.

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05 October 2008 @ 09:29 pm
Haircuts from the Heart: Sr. Bonnie's idea of doing what you do best (even if it is as simple as giving haircuts) to help others is brilliant and simple. Volunteer in the salon (only licensed cosmetologists need apply! Trust me, you do not want me cutting hair!), help spread the word, or you can always send money. You can also drop aluminum cans off at St. Bernard's church on Derby off Winton Road, across from Spring Grove Cemetery. (Leave bags of cans by the side steps/ramp.)

Bethany House: You're too late for the annual wine tasting, but mark your calendars for next year! Meanwhile, here is their wish list.

Let's hope your family never has to benefit from services at Children's Hospital, but if so know you are in good hands! They have a million ways to give, from shopping in the gift shop to contributing new toys. Here's their in-kind wish list (with some very creative suggestions).

There aren't many (any?) Cincinnati museums on the Shop for Museums page. Add yours!
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01 October 2008 @ 07:22 pm
The all-famous (and rightly so) Original Italian Dinner, now in its 97th year, will be served at Sacred Heart on Sunday, October 19, starting at noon and ending when it's all gone (which may be sooner than you think).

If you've never eaten the spaghetti and meatball and/or ravioli dinners, well I shouldn't even be telling you about them. That's one more person in the line!

Carryout or eat-in, $9 adults, $4 children.

Rain or shine, there will be a line!

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10 September 2008 @ 08:08 pm
If you've never been to Baker Hunt, brave the maze of one-way streets through historic Covington and just show up on their beautiful doorstep.

I remember Baker Hunt from high school, when I took art classes there. Back in the day they were free -- materials and everything -- for students who were not taking art in their own schools. For some reason my schedule never worked out to include art except for a single semester, so I went to Baker Hunt.

What a breath of fresh air! High school was not incredibly stressful compared to real life, but in some ways it was -- grades, work, classes good & bad, college apps, boyfriends, weekend antics, troubled friends. Baker Hunt was a wonderful refuge. One thing I loved was that all youth classes were just that -- anyone between 5 and 18! So we high schoolers were totally free from the usual crap. Plus, no matter how good/bad we were, we got the undying praise from the younger ones! I learned so much. I still have my mixed-media fried eggs!

Judging from the recent course schedule, it looks like things are still this way. Today I went to an adult class -- of course adults are anyone over 18, so there's even more of a range :) Again, classes are stress-free, nobody is there to get a degree or try a new career. The instructor is great, he had everyone improving and thinking differently from the get-go. Materials for the class I'm taking are not complicated, and most courses are similar. You do have to pay for classes now, but assistance is available to those in need. You will not pay and arm and a leg, either -- I worked out the 12 weeks of 2-hour classes, and it's just $10/class!

Some classes are one-shot workshops. These are great if you don't have much time, or if you just want to try one new thing. I believe it was Eleanor Roosevelt who said she tried to do one thing that scared her every day. Baker Hunt isn't scary -- the grounds are beautiful, you will want to render everything you see! plus the people are so friendly -- but if you've always wanted to take a class now's your chance. Adult classes start this week; youth classes start later this month. And there are one-time workshops for adults and children throughout the year.

BONUS: Go to the wine-music-art event Twilight in the Gardens, September 20! It's just $20/person, which includes wine and tasty bites of food from local restaurants.